Like every other system, SilentMiner has its profitability. Below please find the price list of the main SilentMiner system components. Please remember about additional costs of integration with your current system.


- S|M Stand-Alone – 740 euro excl. VAT

- S|M Tank – 490 euro excl. VAT

- S|M Control Unit – 500 euro excl. VAT. S|M Control Unit is needed for more than 1 S|M Tank units.

- S|M Fan Converter – 70 euro excl. VAT

SilentMiner system is delivered without any liquid. Just like in any other system available on the market its user who decides what fluid should be used. The fluid should have such features as good heat-transportation, low viscosity (comparable to water at 60-80 Celsius degrees), high electrical resistance and high boiling temperature level (over 120 Celsius degrees). In our opinion the best solution is transformator oil e.g. Orlen TrafoEN which has been used to test all SilentMiner systems.


Time needed to investment payback is strictly connected with your current heating costs, which depends on your current heating system. Below please find a link to an Excell form which can precalculate your profitability. All you need is to set the number of the miners and a cost of 1kWh of heat generated by your heating system. The rest of an approximate calculation would be done automatically.

We publish this Excell form in good will, to give you a simple tool which helps you receiving information about tentative costs of installation. We do not take any responsibility for any use of the Excell form either for any possible results in consequence. If you want to be sure about the real cost of SilentMiner system and its integration, please contact us by email.

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